PhD study at Policy Studies Institute

We welcome applications for PhD study at PSI.

If you are interested, you should:

1. Identify a source(s) of funding support – you may wish to consider University of Westminster sources, RCUK sources, or if you are not from the UK, funding schemes from your home country;

2. Check if a PSI researcher’s interests and expertise align with your own;

3. Send, to the researcher at PSI with interests closest to your own, the following:

  • 300 words on your research idea (i.e. topic, research questions, method) and why you would like to do it at PSI;
  • some thoughts on funding sources; and
  • a one-page CV.

Further information

If English is not your native language you may need to be able to demonstrate your command of English – see here for more details.

Read more about PSI, current projects and researchers.

For further information on doing a PhD (including entry requirements and fees) at the University of Westminster go here.